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Thursday, June 25, 2015



Have you seen those fitness watches? It seems like their is over a dozen different ones to chose from. I've had the Polar FT4, the Polar Loop and the Fitbit Charge HR. 

I picked out the FT4 originally because I saw a lot of fitness people on instagram posting pictures of their calories burned while working out. So of course just having had a baby and getting back into the gym I really wanted one. At the time I thought I was having good workouts, after all a 9 month hiatus does bad things to one's health! I remember my first workout I was extremely disappointed, my calorie burn was so low and my heart rate never stayed in fat burn zone. The FT4 has a heart rate monitor belt that you wear around your breastbone. Your watch beeps if you fall below fat burn heart rate. I eventually came to love this feature, so I'd keep a jump rope with me while I did weights and if started beeping I'd jump rope in between sets. I loved this watch. 

Pros: Pretty colors to chose from, beeping to help monitor heart rate levels and an easy to read watch.

Cons: There is no way to sync your watch, for instance our insurance gives us points for going to the gym or getting 10,000 steps a day but we need a watch that can sync to an app then to Humana.

Also I often would get to the gym and forget the HR belt, this may not be a problem for people who have all their stuff together but that wasn't me at the time.

After the Polar FT4 my husband bought me thr Polar Loop. A friend of mine had it and I loved how sleek it looked. This then became my favorite. 

Pros: Sleek, adjustable wristband and it was smooth so I didn't worry about it snagging on my baby or hurting him if he fell asleep on my arm. I also LOVED that this had a goal display and it would fill up as you were active then do fireworks and say GOAL complete. Silly but I loved when I would reach my 'goal'!
You can sync to the computer and Humana. Also you can swim in the watch, not the HR belt.

Cons: You can only adjust the wristband once. You cut the band to fit your arm and that's that. Also the HR belt again, I couldn't remember it every trip. 

The very last watch my husband bought me is the Fitbit Charge HR. My husband bought this because he needed a step tracker, he easily hits over 15k steps on days he works and 10k a day gets us points on insurance. Anyhow he has Garmin and it is great for his long bike rides but it doesn't track steps.When my husband got thr fitbit charge HR he really liked it and surprised me with one for my birthday this year! 

This watch does it all!
It tracks steps, stairs, calories, heart rate and miles. It has a button you push to start a stopwatch and while it is running it tracks all the things I just mentioned. So if you just want to know how many calories you're burning while doing an activity,  turn it on and see! It tracks miles, again turn on the stop watch, run and then watch your distance add up. 

Another great feature is the Fitbit app. The app gives you 'badges' for certain accomplishments such as so many lifetime miles,  climbing a certain amount of stairs etc.

On the app you can also add your friends and do a 'work week' step challenge,  a weekend challenge or a daily showdown challenge. Invite your friends and try to take the most steps! You can also track sleep and set a silent alarm so the watch vibrates on your arm to wake you up. Incase you can't tell this is my new favorite. My husband likes his also!

Pros: All of the above AND NO HR BELT. The watch itself monitors your heart rate on your wrist. You can sync it Bluetooth.

Cons: Not a fashion piece for some but for me I don't mind it! 

I hope this helps anyone trying to decide on a watch!!

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