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Monday, June 29, 2015

Featured Friend | Young Living's Jennifer

If you've not heard of 'oils' being used in households you may be living under a rock, kidding. But really I feel as though a lot of people I know are experiencing the power of essential oils and personally I love the idea of more natural products being used in our home & for our sweet baby/ my family. We've used oils in our house for everything from a teething baby to joint pain and diffusing for joy! My sweet friend Jennifer is an oil genius and has a wealth of knowledge in regards to keeping your house and family healthy with all natural products. She's sharing a testimony AND a recipe with yall today, thank you Jennifer! "Quality sleep has been a struggle for me for many years and I have always taken something to help me rest. That is until I began using Young Living Essential Oils to help me relax and get some good ole ZZZ’s. My new evening routine begins by starting my diffuser about 15 minutes before I turn in. My favorites to diffuse are Cedarwood or Peace and Calming blend. Then I rub Cedarwood on my scalp and the back of my neck and Valerian on the bottoms of my feet. This has made a huge difference in my quality of rest. My new routine has helped me doze off and stay in a deep slumber through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. For more information please visit my website and blog at . " -Jennifer Ebinger Bug Repellant Fill a 4oz botttle with half distilled water / half witch hazel Add 1/4 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional, good for absorption & moisture) Add: 10 drops of purification 5 drops of theives 5 drops of lavender 5 drops of peppermint Shake before each use. - Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story AND this bug spray recipe! Side note: Some people are not comfortable putting peppermint on children/ toddlers/ infants so this is please research for yourselves and do what you feel comfortable with. Jennifer has however made a bug spray without peppermint so check out her blog and maybe you can find alternatives from her!

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