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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Bucket List

This year I feel like our sweet boy is old enough to actually enjoy Summertime,
after all he LOVES to be outside like Mommy and Daddy!

To me, Summer has already we can start checking things off this list ASAP.

On my list:
Zoo- Any type, petting, drive through.. doesn't matter!
Hiking- Preferably not too high, and not too hot! (haha)
Splash Pad- How fun would this be?!
Camping - I have a few spots picked out, we'll see which one we pick!
Baseball game - Houston, San Antonio, Round Rock, Arlington, doesn't matter to me.
Library - Let's get to reading this summer, on a blanket perfect?!
Playground - Can't ever go wrong here!
Picnic with friends - Who knows if the kids would sit and eat but it could be fun!
Swim Party - We'll blow up the pool, bring your suits!
Charity Event- There are always opportunities to go show support in South Texas.
Race - I'd love to run a race with my guys and/or friends, no paint or glow though.. one is too messy and one is past my bedtime!
Beach - Nothing more to say!
Ice Cream- Tuesday nights Baskin Robins has family night, cheap family date.
Popsicles on the Patio - with Mom and Dad or friends, we'll make 'em just show up!

What is on your bucket list this summer?!
I'm sure mine will get longer!

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