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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gillespie Dancing | Book Review

A few months ago I was offered the opportunity to receive a children's book in the mail to share on my blog and review.

Gillespie Dancing by Tina Streeter

This is the colorful and creative story of Mr. and Mrs. Dancing, who were so tickled to find out they were going to have a baby boy that they almost forgot they would have to name him! Kids will love to find out their unconventional method for choosing a name and families will come together around the great cast of characters. Energized by Daphne Williams' bright and vibrant illustrations, the story captures a strong sense of what family means, which will be reaffirming and inspiring to children whether they come from a large family or are the only child. The way this family celebrates together is a good way of conveying to children the value in sharing joy with those closest to you. Tina Streeter, Gillespie's author, based the story on the birth of her nephew Avery- the first boy born into the family in 23 years. She is the proud mother of adult twin daughters, two sons-in-law and two beautiful grandsons. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and knows a thing or two about family and dancing for joy.

My son and I enjoyed this book, I read the book before sitting down with him and thought it was adorable.
Tina did a wonderful job on her first Children's book and was so kind to share it with us.

My son is only a year old so it was a little long for him but if you're child is older with a little more attention span this book would be a fun read,  as mentioned in the description it was fun to read the way they decided on the name Gillespie. I also love how family oriented the book is, as we also used family names for our first son.  The entire book had such a fun, upbeat and happy theme.

Find Tina's book on Amazon and if you don't have a child, might I recommend buying it and donating it to your local School or Public library?

Let us know if you read it! 

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